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I’ll begin with the plus points:

  • It fits standard thickness laptops up to 15" in size quite well
  • It cushions against very basic damage

Unfortuantely this is not a long section.


  • Older laptops are too thick

The problem here is that with older, thicker laptops that are thicker than modern variants, the lid will not close with the magnetic flaps. This immediately eliminates a lot of notebooks that fit in the 15" category that this sleeve purports to be able to fit. However, fortunately you can close the bag utilising the handy "tuck away closure feature that is highlighted on the back of the packaging.

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Unfortunately the lid is of course larger than the interior, so you can never quite get it all inside.

  • Water resistant, but has holes

While the material used for the exterior is quite nicely water resistant, there are holes over a CM wide at each end of the lid where water could quite easily enter. Of course the water resistant coating is not designed to protect against submersion, but in fact rain while you carry it, which brings me to the main problem…

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  • There are no carry handles

I don’t understand this one at all. There are no carry handles or straps with this sleeve, leading me to be rather confused as to what it’s supposed to be used for. Do you tuck it under you arm? Hardly a practical solution. If in fact this is designed as a protective sleeve for your laptop while it’s sitting around in your house, then why the water resistant coating?

This is unfortunately a product that doesn’t know what it is. The job it should be doing is inpractical because of the lack of strap and the job it could be doing is rather redundant and makes some of its other features so.


While Brenthaven did have this listed on their site at around $35, understandably the price has now crashed down to a mere $10.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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