Booth Babes of Channel Expo

Since computing is generally a bit of a male orientated interest, it never hurts to have a few good looking females to draw in the punters; Channel Expo was no different. Granted it was on a bit of a smaller scale that CeBIT but there was still a good bit of ass n’ titties (thank you chauvinistic Rap artists) on display.

First up were the XFX girls. This pair could be seen around the Entatech stand giving out leaflets about the upcoming 7600GT from the FatalOnety “Professional” series. This was backed up by some XFX GPUs on display behind them, but I know you’re not on this page to see that.

XFX Booth babes

After taking this photograph the girl with the longer hair and larger chest said she wasn’t ready. So making some small adjustments to her stance I took a second picture.

XFX Booth babes

Using the wonders of Photoshop we can see that I wasn’t the only one taking a gander at these green and grey ladies.


The only other scantily clad eye candy at the show was a trio of ladies that were advertising…erm, something.

Scantily Clad Trio

I let the blonde scan my press badge in return for a goody bag which actually only contained a metallic clip and a badge. Feeling a little disappointed with my trade, it was nice to see that others others gleamed more from this experience than I, as after she scanned one elderly gentleman’s pass he enquired “Was that as good for you as it was for me?”

Scantily Clad Trio

I think I’ll give this article a 5 star, as you can’t really beat half naked chicks next to computer hardware can you?

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