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I’m just not quite sure about the Rockus 3D now that I’ve come to the end of it. It’s a strong 2.1 setup that I think sounds great most of the time. But there’s been a lot of emphasis put on this 3D setting, and I’m just not happy with it. Sure it sounds good in certain instances, but it’s so drastically different from the standard music setting. Wouldn’t it have been better to just make that sound, seem more surround sound like; why did it have to change so much? Because of this it’s never a case of “I want more volume to this” while you play, its “hopefully this’ll work…”

Unfortunately this means that I can’t give the Rockus a massively high score, even though I think in music mode (and sometimes in 3D) it sounds fantastic. Its got great sound clarity, but the 3D mode just brings it down from greatness. That and the slightly high price tag. For that kind of money you can get a reasonable 5.1 that will certainly sound better than the emulation you get here.

It’s a valiant effort, but I think a couple more trips to the drawing board are needed before Antec are on to a winner.


  • Music mode has excellent sound clarity, strong frequencies throughout
  • 3D mode is more atmospheric, though it’s a bit muddy
  • Excellent volume, everything sounds great (in music mode) even when maxed out
  • Multitude of ports allows for PC and console connection


  • Bass is a little lacking in music mode
  • 3D doesn’t emulate surround sound that well
  • 3D’s bass is way too strong, rattles sub woofer frame
  • Loss of clarity in 3D mode is dissapointing


Last modified: May 20, 2011

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