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The reasons for purchasing this version of the AC Ryan PlayOn!HD arn’t particularly lengthy. However, they do make a nice difference to the package and if given the choice between this one and the cheaper mini, I would pick the one with the built in hard drive. The one thing people may not be so fussed with is the cost, but it really is worth it for the added functionality. I still think a browser should be incorporated into the system, but it’s not too sorely missed.

Even with its jumped up price tag, this little media hub does almost everything you’d want from a device of its type and perhaps a little more in a few places. Its fast, functional and easily upgradable should you want more storage space. If you have deep enough pockets, I heartily recommend it.

Pros Cons
Looks good A little expensive
Remote monitoring No browser capabilities
Torrent features File transfer was a little problematic
Wireless media streaming is near flawless  
Easily upgradable internal stroage solution  




Thanks go to ACRyan for providing us with this media hub.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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