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In many ways, my wife and I are opposites. I love the smell of coffee, but my wife prefers flowers. I use a Samsung phone, but she uses an iPhone. However, we still find ways to come together, and this week it’s been testing weird smartphone cases — specifically, a Samsung case made from coffee and an iPhone case made from flowers. How cool is that?

Both cases are part of MMORE’s Organika collection, which includes Samsung and iPhone cases made from real organic materials. Right now, MMORE have five options: alpine hay, jasmine, skeleton leaves (spooky), coffee and roses.

Each polyurethane case has a rear cover that’s coated with its namesake material, then carefully covered with an ‘advanced sugar-based resin’. That process produces an eye-catching phone case that also smells quite nice — even if you have to get quite close to catch a whiff.

We’ve been testing these cases all week, and in large we’ve been impressed. Each case looks and smells enticing, with the plain black or white PU bumper forcing all of the attention onto the unique rear panel. The lip around the screen gets in the way of your finger while swiping off the edge, but also helps to dissipate force away from the vulnerable screen in the event of a drop.

These Organika cases aren’t cheap either, costing a little less than €40 including free worldwide shipping. The price tag is understandable given the nature of the materials used and the handcrafted construction ‘only by […] skilled artisans’, but it’s still a decent percentage of the average mid-range to high-end smartphone.

One concern we have about these cases is their longevity. You would normally expect a phone case to last for months, maybe years, but our cases are showing signs of wear after only a few days of use. Already, some of the rose covering has scratched off and become unstuck, which is not ideal for a €40 case. However, the company does offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a ‘lifetime quality warranty’, so there is some redress if you feel shortchanged by the durability of the case.

Ultimately, we enjoyed using these Organika cases and we hope that they’ll stand the test of time. For now though, they’re a fun novelty that could certainly appeal to fans of fun phone cases.

If you’re interested, take a look for yourself at the MMORE store linked below.

Last modified: August 3, 2017

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