Mionix Sargas mouse pad review: useful if unexciting


Today I’m reviewing Mionix’s new Sargas Medium mouse pad. This is their second-smallest and  mousing surface, but is constructed from the same materials and offers the same design as the remainder of the Sargas range, from Small to XXL. Let’s take a look!



The Sargas Medium looks quite standard for a gaming mouse pad, with a nearly rectangular shape that cuts a thin crescent out of the bottom centre. The left side is dominated by a yellow (almost lime) Mionix logo which extends to the centre of the mouse pad, while the right side has only a small Mionix Sargas logo in the upper right.


The material used is cloth, which feels normal to the touch — neither too slick nor too rough. The underside of the Sargas has a grippy rubber base, which keeps it stationary during use. The mouse pad is reportedly water repellent, although it’s not clear if this is achieved through a coating or whether all cloth is reasonably water repellent.


The mouse pad measures 2.5mm thick — fairly thin— and the Medium version covers 370 by 260mm. It weighs 134g, making it easily man-portable. There are also Small, Large, XL and XXL versions, as shown below:



The Sargas isn’t a particularly exciting mouse pad, offering little in the way of innovation… but that’s OK. Not every peripheral needs to amaze, and the humble mouse pad is probably the least likely to do so.

The overall design is interesting enough, and will no doubt please fans of the Mionix brand. The colour scheme — yellow (or light lime) on black — may clash with some peripherals (e.g. this cool red mouse), and I’d personally prefer an interesting scene from a game or a player than a peripheral manufacturer… but it’s understandable.


The materials used seem quite reasonable, with a good level of friction and a pleasant feel. The size is good, and should suit those that play on medium to high mouse sensitivities. Counter-Strike pros playing at 400 DPI should probably choose a Large (or bigger) option instead of the Medium, though.

The mouse pad is a bit thin, so the corners were a little hesitant to lie flat initially. However, this minor issue quickly subsided. Otherwise, there were no issues using the mouse in games or surfing the web.


The Mionix Sargas may not reinvent the mousing surface as we know it, but it does provide everything you’d need in a gaming mouse pad. If you have a small or worn mouse pad, then it’s definitely an inexpensive and worthwhile upgrade. It also makes a nice stocking stuffer, with nice packaging that makes it look more expensive than it .


  • Durable cloth construction
  • Interesting, inoffensive design
  • Reasonable size for most PC gaming genres
  • Water repellent


  • More heavily branded than some alternatives
  • Yellow-and-black colour scheme may clash with other peripherals
  • Relatively thin and light, so it doesn’t lie 100% flat




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