Mushkin Blackline PC3-12800


PCMark Vantage

Mushkin Blackline Review

Unsurprisingly, the higher the frequency, the better the performance, with the Mushkin holding the top position ever so slightly in the memory test thanks to that extra 80MHZ. However it doesn’t hold the crown in the System test; though it only comes second by a small margin. At stock speeds of 1066MHZ the Corsair kit had a slight advantage.

Sandra Memory

Mushkin Blackline Review

Lavalys Everest

In Sandra the Mushkin sticks pulled ahead in all instances, jumping ahead by almost a GB/s in the rated speed instances.

Mushkin Blackline Review

Relatively mixed results here, with Corsair performing slightly better at stock in the read category, but not in the others. In all other instances the Blackline DIMMs held the top spot.


While it was assumed that gaming isn’t very effected by memory speed, we figured a real world test was necessary.

For Crysis we ran two benchmark, low and high with slightly different settings. For both we used the ambush demo.

Low: 1280×1024, enthusiast settings, 0xAA.
High: 1600×1200, enthusiast settings, 8xAA.

Mushkin Blackline Review

Considering the differences in all instances were so small, we can determine that memory speed has very little influence on frames per second.


Finding where to buy a kit of this is actually pretty damn hard. I couldn’t get a direct price for the modules, but you’re likely to be looking to spend around $150. Once I receive a more accurate pricing for the kit I will update it.

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