Mach Xtreme Armor 2133 CL9


Benchmark results

Moving on to the benchmark results. Here you’ll see the actual performance of the overclocking results through benchmarks. Note that these are memory performance-only benchmarks and thus do not give an indication of the system as a whole.

ATI HD 5770 Review

Latency (ns)

ATI HD 5770 Review

Read, write, copy and latency speeds were tested with Lavalys Everest. The Integer and Float memory performance was tested with SiSoft Sandra.

If we look at the scaling from DDR3-1710 CL6 to DDR3-1840 CL9, we see that the performance difference is minimal. I’m therefor convinved that if this RAM would be used at its full potential, DDR3-2000 CL9, it would easily beat the DDR3-1710 CL6 performance. These results are a thumbs up for AMD and Intel systems. AMD systems can run the tight latencies without trouble and newer chipsets even allow DDR3-2000+ overclocking. Intel systems on the other hand prefer high frequencies and don’t get their main performance from tighter timings; at the moment only the AMD users with an 8-series chipset will be able to use this memory to its maximum performance.

Pricing and Availability

The lowest price for the 2x2GB DDR3-2133 CL9 Armor kit I found in Europe is about €110.-. I could not find any prices of its siblings within a few minutes at my standard resources so I assume MX-Tech is still working on conquering the market. This price is about €15.- more expensive than the cheapest DDR3-2133 RAM, but still comes well before comparable Corsair, Kingston and OCZ RAM.

Comparing RAM (GeIL Ultra Plus vs. MX-Tech Armor)

A quick note in reference to the last RAM I reviewed, the GeIL Ultra Plus DDR3-2000 CL9: The MX-Tech RAM most probably uses the same chips, since the speed and timings achieved are nearly identical. It must be said that the Armor RAM outshines the GeIL Ultra Plus by 10-40MHz, though. Whether this is due to (lucky) better chips or the heatsinks offering better cooling, I can’t tell.

The Armor RAM is priced €5.- higher than the lower binned Ultra Plus RAM thus making a very competitive price, which is needed for the company to set foot in the memory modules market.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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