Geil Value Dual Channel 1gb Kit


A First Look

Ah, here we go. Right well quite a nice box I think, notice the blue memory modules showing through the slits. Obviously Geil likes the state the fact this is their Dual channel kit.

Geil Value Box

Geil Value Modules

Here you can see the whole module; have you noticed how sexy the heat spreader is yet? Also you can see the timings and speed of the modules stated on the little silver sticker. Helpful if you ever find them after switching modules about, then wonder what specs they are.

Geil Value Sticker

The modules have a silver embossed “Geil” logo which looks quite nice; it’s a pity if you don’t have a window in your case, or if your pc is on the floor, as the looks will be a bit wasted

Geil Value Badge

So, let’s talk about the headtspreaders for one second. There has been a lot of discussion and articles about the effectiveness of heatspreaders on memory modules. Most people assume they are needed as the modules are being run at above averages voltages and settings. The evidence, from at least the testing I’ve seen, suggests that heatspreaders do aid with cooling of the modules but only slightly. In one article they tested the same module, overclocked, with both the heatspreader on and off, the presence in the heatspreader in the end gave a 10 MHz lead over overclocking witout the heatspreader applied.

On a different note, some people believe the heatspreaders give more protection from static electricity damaging the memory because of the chips themselves not being exposed. Personally I think unless you plan to skate round on your carpet on them, static isn’t really an issue.

I think Geil are wise to have placed heatspreaders on their modules, this way the user has the chance to push them slightly further than stock settings due to the extra cooling and because they look astounding.

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Last modified: February 14, 2011

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