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Price Performance Ratio and Availability

The most important part is of course, “what I am paying to get one of these sets?”, a legit question.

GEC38GB1333C9DC retails for about €35.-

GEC316GB1333C9QC retails for about €70.-

GEC38GB1600C9DC retails for about €40.-

GOC38GB1866C9DC retails for about €55.-


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The DDR3-1333 sets come out with the best value, with my maximum tested frequency of DDR3-1967, divided by the cost per DIMM of €17,50, makes a frequency of 56.2 / €.

The DDR3-1600 set takes an akward position, as it’s offering DDR-1967, but possibly higher, at a price per DIMM of €20.-, which turns out as a value of 49,175 / €.

The EVO Corsa set comes best out of test with DDR3-2050, but with a price per DIMM of €27,50 it has the lowest price-performance ratio, of 37.27 / €.

The availability of these sets is great, you’ll find them anywhere webshops all over the world, it’s that simple.

Compared to other kits on the market, these Enhance Corsa kits are very well priced. They’re usually at around the lowest price, maybe €5.- off, but the question whether other kits with the same price overclock equally well remains the question. The EVO Corsa is also found in the low price segment, which is great considering this kit still has good overclocking potential.


The conclusion to be drawn from this first part of the GeIL memory round-up is that GeIL really does offer great overclocking kits for gamers and enthusiasts! Even though these kits won’t take you into the higher DDR3-2000 regions, this isn’t a reasonable counterargument as the kits are found in the lowest price segments, but still offer a nice look and good potential.

The GeIL Enhance Corsa DDR3-1333 CL9 2x4GB and 4x4GB sets receive the Value Award for great overclocking potential with a low price tag. Get this set if you want some good RAM for overclocking flexibility, whilst sticking to a tight budget. (GEC38GB1333C9DC)

Value Award

The GeIL Enhance Corsa DDR3-1600 CL9 2x4GB set is a nice ‘in-between’ set, but doesn’t offer much more than it’s DDR3-1333 siblings. Get this set if it’s cheaper or about the same price as the DDR3-1333 sets. (GEC38GB1600C9DC)

The GeIL EVO Corsa DDR3-1866 CL9 2x4GB set is a great looking set with a bit more overclocking potential than the Enhance Corsa series it looks down at. Even though the set doesn’t offer the same overclock percentage as the Enhance Corsa, it is still faster and a better pick if you’re looking at high memory speeds (or bright-yellow heatspreaders, for that matter!).

A thank you goes out to GeIL for providing these kits for review. I’m looking forward to more and better sets, so there can be a round-up part two, to supplement it’s predecessor’s implied succes!


Last modified: November 3, 2011

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