Aeneon Xtune PC3-12800

Aeneon 1600 DDR3


Thanks to the lowered pricing of memory these days, it’s not uncommon for relatively unknown companies to throw down the gauntlet for the bigger boys and this is a good thing, as it keeps the market leaders on their toes at the very least. With that in mind, today I have a kit entitled the XTune from Aeneon which is interestingly a subsidiary of Qimonda, the chip makers. Their reputation has always been relatively good when it came to memory chips, so how will their own brand of kit stand up to the flack? Let’s find out.


  • Dual channel kits are pair-tested on latest platforms
  • Enhanced performance modes included in EPP2.0 and XMP profiles
  • 240-Pin Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) with gold contacts
  • High quality aluminium heat spreader to ensure cooler operating temperature
  • Supports Intel XMP – Extreme Memory Profile on Intel X38/X48 platforms
  • Supports EPP2.0 – Enhance Performance Profile on NVIDIA SLI platforms

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