Meko Precision Series Touchscreen Pen review

The Meko smartphone and tablet stylus is something of an Amazon favourite, with 274 positive customer reviews and an 88% rating on Amazon’s UK site. Customers often cite the choice of two tips and the build quality of the stylus in their positive opinions. Today, we’ll give this two-in-one stylus pack a rapid review and see if we concur with the majority on this occasion.

Specs & Features

  • Fibre tip and disk tip on either end
  • Comes with two styluses and six replacement tips
  • Available in eight different colour varieties
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets, etc.


The Meko stylus looks like a standard pen, with a tough aluminium shaft and a fibrous tip about the width of the pen itself. If you screw off the lid on the opposite end, you reveal a disc-shaped tip which ought to provide better precision. There’s a rubber grip near this end as well.

The pen looks quite professional in its black colour scheme with silver trim, although more lurid options are available as well.

The pen feels nicely weighty, with no flexion evident when the pen is put under stress. This, combined with the six replacement tips, should ensure that the stylus lasts even careless use.

The box comes with two styluses, two replacement fibre tips, four replacement disc tips, a cleaning cloth, a request for feedback and a two-sided quick instruction manual.


We tested the Meko stylus in drawing and taking notes on a Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone.

We found that the stylus worked extremely well for sketching and drawing, with the fibre tip working well for wider strokes and the disc tip allowing for slightly finer lines.

However, neither tip offered the same experience as a higher-end stylus, such as the Adonit Dash 3 or the even more premium Apple Pencil. Taking notes was difficult, and in almost all cases you’re likely better off typing these notes using a software keyboard or taking actual physical notes with a pen and paper. If you’re a heavy note user, Samsung’s line of Note smartphones is also worth checking out.

Wrapping up

If you’re looking for a budget stylus that doesn’t disappoint when it comes to build quality and value, then the Meko stylus is a reasonable choice. However, higher-end options from the likes of Adonit which provide greater precision and a cleaner style are also worth considering.


  • Great for sketching on mobile
  • Excellent build quality
  • Sober contemporary design
  • Choice of tips is helpful
  • Two styluses for £13 is good value


  • Not great for writing notes

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  1. My new stylus will not work on my iPad 6th generation.
    It won’t let me write on my notepad or anything but it will move the Pages around. I would like to know if there is any help to make this work

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