Lopoo LED String Christmas Lights review: fun and inexpensive


Christmas lights are always a pleasure, whether they’re old-school incandescent bulbs or modern LEDs. Today, we’re reviewing a string of multi-coloured lights from Lopoo UK.

The lights are fixed in their colours; you can’t change them with a remote control or an app. However, you get different colours in sequence, hopping from green to blue to red and more besides, and the effect is quite aesthetically pleasing. A version with warm white light is also available.


The LEDs are mounted on a flexible copper wire, allowing the cable to be gently bent into different shapes. You can make a spiral around your Christmas tree, make little hooks for mounting, and generally shape it to suit your circumstances. I wrapped it around the XSReviews rig, and then up above my desk. This makes it a little more adaptable than traditional fairy lights, but potentially a little more fragile too. It’s also quite light, so it can cling to things quite easily.

The lights are controlled via a small remote. This gives you options for turning the lights on and off, adjusting their brightness, and setting how often they flash (if at all). The remote isn’t the most intuitive in the world, but it does the job.


The lights plug into the UK mains via the white control box shown, which has two cables coming off of it. One is the remote receiver, the other plugs into the light string. The box itself can be nailed to a wall if you like, but it can also just hang out behind the scenes somewhere.

Overall, these LED Christmas lights caught my fancy. The colours chosen are pleasant without being overly bright, the flexible wire is easy to mount and the whole bundle costs a little over a tenner — not an unreasonable price for decorating a small tree, a desk or another area of your home.

Thanks to Lopoo for sending over a review unit. If you’d like one for yourself, you can get them via the Amazon link below.

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