Gigabyte U2442F Ultrabook


Lid and bottom

The remaining elements of the laptop are fairly ordinary. The lid has a nice brushed metallic look in the same subtle gold-coloured plastic as the rest of the chassis, with an inset Gigabyte logo.


On the bottom, we’ve got again fairly standard stuff – the normal mess of advisory notices and screws for accessing the RAM or swapping out the keyboard. While it’s possible to get this laptop with a second (mechanical) hard drive, it doesn’t seem possible to add one yourself without taking the whole thing to pieces.


One of the previous reviewers of this particular unit has left two screws out here, which means the laptop creaks and flexes more than it should. Overall though, it feels fairly solid, closer to the dense Aspire S7 than the yielding Aspire V5.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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Gigabyte U2442F Ultrabook

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