Kingston HyperX T1 DDR3-2133 CL9

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Kingston HyperX DDR3 2133

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The RAM comes in a simple, transparant plastic hard-cover with a red seal sticker which has the RAM specifications printed on it.

Kingston HyperX DDR3 2133

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Removing the plastic cover we get a direct look at the DIMMs. Kingston made the HyperX T1 a simple but good-looking graphical design. Both sides look exactly the same with the exception of only one side having the specs and warranty sticker. The finned aluminium heatspreader is quite tall, so it might cause clearance issues if you use a large CPU cooler; it is of course designed to disippate heat better and thus allowing better stabilility at higher clock speeds. The blue colour is quite bright but fits typical motherboard themes like MSI, Gigabyte and ASUS have.

Kingston HyperX DDR3 2133

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Although slightly bright, this picture shows the single DIMM and a close-up to read the sticker. Nothing new to see here.

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Last modified: March 17, 2011

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