Kingston HyperX Max 3.0 64GB


While on first glance this may seem like a solid, but expensive option for anyone that wants USB 3.0 speeds with plenty of storage space, in reality all other firms offering similar products are pricing them the same way. Now you can probably do things cheaper with a USB 3.0 dock and a drive of your own, but that’s bulky and doesn’t look anywhere near as good.

So in reality if you want storage with good speeds, its doable for a bit cheaper, but for something that ticks all the boxes, you’re gonna have to pay for it. This drive is a solid performer and its priced competitively. You can’t ask for much else from a portable storage solution.

Pros Cons
USB 3.0 interface gives good transfer speeds Bit expensive
Nice ammount of storage space
Looks good, smoothed edges



Thanks go to Kingston for providing us with this drive.

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