Just Mobile AluCharge review

Just Mobile claim their AluCharge is the slimmest USB charger in the world, providing four USB ports of fast charging power in a body just 1.8 centimetres thick. Let’s take a closer look in this brief review.


They weren’t kidding — the AluCharge is dwarfed even by the velcro-tied cloverleaf power cable that comes in the box. The body of the AluCharge is made of aluminium (go figure), with the leading edge made out of black plastic.

This face contains the four USB ports mentioned earlier, each of which provides up to 2.4A of power. The box itself can provide 6.1A (31W) in total, so you won’t be able to reach maximum speeds on all ports simultaneously.

No specific fast charging standard is supported either, so users of smartphones that use specific standards (e.g. Qualcomm Quick Charge, Oppo Super VOOC) will see faster speeds elsewhere. It would have been nice to get at least Fast Charge 2.0 support here, but it’s a non-issue for the Apple devices that best match Just Mobile’s design.

The back of the box has the regulatory information and the cloverleaf power input. You’ll get a UK or US plug in the box, but cloverleaf adapters are easy enough to find if you want to go travelling, and the AluCharge can handle 120V or 240V power with equal ease.


We used the AluCharge for one week to test our cadre of smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. Charging speeds were good, and while the case of the AluCharge got a little toasty it was never alarmingly warm. The slim size of the AluCharge made it easy to take on business trips, although it’s not like other mobile chargers are that much bigger.

Wrapping up

Overall, we liked the AluCharge. If you don’t mind paying a small premium for style and portability, you’ll probably like it too. Otherwise, you’ll get a largely similar experience from almost any USB charger on Amazon, so take your pick!


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