Guisee Shiatsu massager review

And now, for something completely different. It’s not a monitor, mouse or keyboard, it’s… a massager designed to relieve pain and soothe sore muscles. We can certainly get behind that, but is this massager the one to go for with so many alternatives on Amazon and other online marketplaces? Let’s find out in our review.


  • 16 improved nodes to create more contact area
  • Bi-direction motion and heat mimics the personal feeling
  • Two massage modes and speed control
  • 3D-rotating massage rollers in ergonomic U design
  • One year warranty, as required by law
  • RRP £99, current price £34


The massager forms a U shape, with black faux-leather covering some rather frightening-feeling machinery inside the bridge of the U.

The ends have little apertures for your hands to go, allowing you to rest them peacefully or pull the massager down into your shoulders or back with greater intensity.

The massager lacks an internal battery, so it must be plugged into the mains or a car auxiliary power source to be used; both cables are provided. The Guisee weighs nearly two kilograms and is the size of a large cat, making it somewhat unsuitable for casual use on the go. No bag is provided with the unit, but its design feels rugged enough for continued use without protection.

Clearly labelled buttons on the side allow the massager to be turned on and off, the speed to be adjusted between three options, different massage patterns to be set and heating to be toggled.


In order to give the massager a fair test, we used it for several days in a row, before and after workouts, and at the end of a hard day’s work.

While its rhythmic massages weren’t quite as good as even an amateur human practitioner, they still did a nice job of soothing sore muscles. Everyone who tried the unit had at least a smile on their face, and some cried out in bliss as the massager did its magic.

With the massager resting on your back or shoulders, you get a nice relaxing experience as the massager gentle pummels you; pulling down on the arm rests allows to induce a deeper and more effective massage. We found less use for the massager on our legs, but it still did a decent enough job after leg day at the gym.

You can also rest the massager on other areas, as the manual helpfully suggests. However, as this isn’t a cordless massager, it can be difficult to keep the unit plugged in while you’re moving it around your body.

The heating function was the only noticeable weak point of the unit. LEDs turn on when the heat button was pressed, but I didn’t notice the unit becoming any hotter. I’m not sure whether this functionality is missing from our unit, or whether the heat produced was just negligible. Either way, if you are looking for a warm massage, you might choose an alternative model.

Wrapping up

While the Guisee Shiatsu massager doesn’t do a bad job, it’s hard to truthfully say that it stood out from the legions of alternative options on Amazon — many of which seem to boast nearly identical designs and features, often at lower price points. We’d recommend that you shop around, but if the Guisee is competitive with other massagers you’re considering and you don’t mind a potentially weak heating function, the Guisee isn’t a bad bet.

Brits, you can get the Guisee massager on for 10% off using the code FEPPYDXB until June 1st, 2018. Americans, please visit instead.

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