Zotac GTX 570 1280MB

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While the results were a little dicey over who exactly would be taking home the crown, I think in the end the GTX 570 just pipped the 6970 at the post. It’s still quite expensive really considering that the 6850 is still providing playable frame rates. Still, if you have a couple hundred quid to spare, the GTX 570 looks the way to go.

Oh and it can do Stereoscopic 3D too. Oooh.

NB. Apologies that this review wasn’t as in-depth as usual. Due to a hard drive failure we ended up losing Temp/Wattage results, as well as all pictures of the card.


Last modified: April 8, 2011

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Zotac GTX 570 1280MB

  1. ps000000 says:

    Why say 2GB ?
    1280MB of GDDR5 memory

    1. Whoopty says:

      Duh… thanks :) Fixed.

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