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Rundown, Power and Thermals

For the temperature and wattage tests,we hook the PC up to a wattage metre and measure temperatures and power draws at idle and load settings. Furmark is used on max settings with burn mode activated to stress the system. We also utilise the built in GPU temperature monitor for measuring thermals.


  • Idle: 151
  • Load: 357


  • Idle: 41
  • Load: 88

Idle temperature was 19 degrees C.

These temperatures and power draws were worse than the much more powerful GTX 580 Amp that we reviewed last week. This seems quite odd but is worth taking into consideration if you’re looking into this card. Perhaps the Zotac shroud negatively impacts temperatures?


Now the Zotac GTX 560 TI Amp comes quite heavily overclocked from the factory sporting core and memory frequencies of 950/2200MHZ, so I wasn’t expecting much when it came to after-aftermarket overclocking; however I was pleasantly surprised. Using Furmark’s burn in stability test to look for artifacting, I was able to push things to around the 1010/ 2300 mark without too much difficulty. While this isn’t massive, it represents a 6% (ish) and 10% overclock respectively, beyond the factory overclock.

The only downside to this is that because this card runs quite hot, I wouldn’t really want to overclock it without adding a better cooler; in fact I’d want one even at stock. This is a loud little card.

Results Rundown

While the GTX 560 TI does have quite a few competitors on the lower settings in most tests, it finds its footing much more with the slightly tougher tests. Of course it sits in just behind the GTX 570, which takes its place behind the big boy 580, but its interesting how well the TI does against the AMD cards, making more than a challenge for the 6970.

However, this card does seem to be a bit of a big power draw and its temperatures are quite a bit worse than those of other cards we’ve tested. It’s certainly got the performance, but are some of its hindrances worth the cost?


Speaking of which, this GPU will set you back around £200 which putsit at least £30 than a standard TI model and £40 or so more than a base model 560. In reality it’s probably better to get the cheaper card and an aftermarket cooler, but if you don’t want to do your own overclocking, the Amp is a viable option.


Last modified: June 1, 2011

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