Zotac Geforce GTX 590

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Well what’s to say? Another monster has graced the XSR testing facility. It’s big, noisy, heavy and powerful, but damn is the performance impressive. The GTX 590 feels like nVidia are starting to get the hang of the dual chip design as the power gains are very impressive, despite the clock speed taking a hit from its smaller brother, the single chip GTX 580.

Of course with a card like this though, you’re still going to have to stomach a monumental cost. Is it worth it? Is it necessary? No not really. But neither is most overclocking. You can play most modern games at full settings easy, with a card that costs less than half this much. But I still want one.


Very, very powerful
Some serious bragging rights
Surprisingly quiet and low wattage at idle


Noisey cooler when at full tilt
Very expensive
Really not needed for anything besides benchmarking


Last modified: September 6, 2011

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