Zotac 9400GT 512MB

Graphics Cards

Box and Bundle

N.B. The box and bundle for the 9400GT is literally exactly the same as Zotac’s 9500GT. Therefore, if you want more details about the box and bundle, please visit the 9500GT review.

The Zotac 9400GT arrives in the usual Zotac styled cardboard box with a computer rendered angel on display on the front.

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At the rear of the box sports an in-depth briefing about the product and a couple of screenshots to show its capabilities.

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The specifications any potential buyer needs to know are listed in bullet point fashion on the left-side of the box.

Alongside the card you also get a small array of accessories. These include:

  • Driver CD and sticker
  • Warranty leaflet
  • Quick installation guide
  • User Manual
  • DVI – HDMI adapter
  • S-Video – Composite / S-Video cable
  • Cable for connecting card to audio headers so that sound can be outputted through HDMI.

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Unfortunately no games are included.

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Last modified: August 17, 2011

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