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nVidia have done a good job with the 9600GT, and Vvikoo have done a good one with their version of it. This card is near the performance of an 8800GT, it overclocks well (perhaps even more with PWM and RAM ‘sinks) and has an excellent cooler. The game bundle isn’t bad either, and there’s a host of cables to keep any techy occupied for an afternoon finding out what their new card can do.

The 9600GT really is a good card, but nothing is perfect – and I know I’m nitpicking here – and I wish Vvikoo has used a funky coloured PCB like they had with their 8800G, it just makes it stand out from the crowd.

Hell, you know when the only thing I can complain about is the PCB colour, we have something good on our hands. If you need a new GPU, this ain’t a bad shout.

Good price/performancePCB colouring is dull
Great coolerBundled game is a little old
Overclocks well



Thanks go to Vvikoo for providing us with this graphics card.

Well it's finally here, the 9 series of GPUs has hit the shelves and the reviews have already poured in thick and fast. I know we're a little behind everyone else on this one, but our 9600GT review is a bit different. Vvikoo's monstrous 9600, comes with a whopping Zalman heatsink and some hefty factory overclocking. Let's see what it's made of.


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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