Vvikoo 9600GT 512MB

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The 9600GT from Vvikoo performs pretty much on par with both 8800GT cards, especially when overclocked. It is even able to beat the 8800s in some tests at the low detail settings.


Tracking down the price of the Vvikoo 9600GT proved very difficult indeed, and I have yet to find a concrete pricing. However, other 9600GT cards are priced anywhere from £100 to £130. Let’s say that because of it’s large cooler, the Vvikoo 9600GT is £140, it’s still slightly cheaper than most 8800GT cards.


The Zalman cooler is a perfect choice for the 9600. It remains silent throughout all testing, no matter what the fan speed. Now that, laides and gentlemen is the sign of a good cooler.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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