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Results Run Down

Not many surprises in the results, the 6850 perfoms universally a few frames better than both the GTS 450 and ATI 5770 from the previous generation. A weird one though was FurMark, both older cards trounce the newer one by quite a margin. While it seems the the 68xx simply isn’t a fan of that test, this is exactly why we run a battery of different ones to get alternate opinions.

Despite its added power however, the 6850 is still not quite capable of giving us fully playable frame rates in our most extreme of real world tests. For that you’re going to need to pickup one of the higher end 6 series cards.



Despite not having mind blowing performance, the 6850 shows some promise in the overclocking arena. Bare in mind this under stock cooling, but utilising a quick OC in the AMD overdrive application allows you to raise the core from 775MHZ to 850MHZ and the memory – usually a problem area – from 1000MHZ to 1200MHZ. I imagine with improved cooling you could go even further, though you’d have to find some more liberal software as well, as the Catalyst control centre was locked at the above frequencies.



Current prices for the 6850 will see you shelling out around £125. Not too much, but guarantee the price comes down after Christmas.

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Last modified: September 6, 2011

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