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The box for the Sapphire 4850 is pretty standard for an ATI card. It’s got a large picture of Ruby doing her thing and a shed load of feature stickers.

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The back has some more explanations of features and a load of award stickers from magazines and websites. However you should be aware that these are simply awards that Sapphire has received for their products over the years, not just awards for this card.

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Interestingly, the bundle with this card is quite substantial:

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Not only do you receive the standard S-Video to component splitter and the 6pin PCI-e to molex power converter, you also get a host of DVDs and a curious little USB device. Unfortunately that part at least, isn’t as exciting as you might hope as it’s simply filled with Sapphire promo materials and it’s not possible to write to.

The DVDs on the other hand are quite useful. You have the standard driver DVD of course, but you also get a full copy of 3Dmark06 (why not Vantage?), some DVD suite software and some extra games and applications on the Ruby Rom 1.1. These are: Stranglehold, Dungeon Runners and Call of Juarez. While none of these games are award winning, most are happy to receive one free title with a new GPU, let alone 3 for a £100 or so card.

NB. Unfortunately, I found out after this review, that all 3 of these titles are in fact demos, not the full games.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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