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The HD 4830 from Sapphire is a damn nice card for the money. It might not be the quietest one out there, but it’s only slightly behind the 4850 on the performance scale, and with it’s great overclocking ability, and don’t forget you can always add a second, therefore running two of these bad boys, for around 2/3 of the cost of a GTX 280.

While there seems little reason to have the 4850, and the 4830, apart from the fact that those without that extra £20 will have a card to buy the 4830 did very well in our testing. So if you’re looking for a new card around £100, then get the 4830, or if you have £120, get the 4550. There ‘aint a lot of difference.

Pros Cons
Good performance for the money Not the quietest card around
Overclocks well Not much difference from the 4850
Good price point, slightly less than the 4850  



Thanks go to Sapphire for providing us with this graphics card.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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