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The Sapphire 6850 Vapour-X performed well throughout the tests and showed great potential in overclocking too.
When I overclocked the core to the highest stable clock I could achieve on this specific card I saw a jump of 260MHz on the core which is equal to a 32.5% increase in core frequency which is great to see. The fact that even in this state the card stayed relatively quiet and cool is testament to the performance of the Vapor X design.

This card is aimed to replace the 5750 which it manages to do very well and seems like a huge step ahead. Both DX11 and Tessellation performance are increased which makes running the latest games much easier.

The aesthetics of the product are great, the Blue PCB looks slightly out of place but still looks good. The supplied bundle was pretty standard apart from the Dirt3 coupon.

Depending on where you shop for your GPUs, you can find the Vapor X 6950 for around £145. This equates to around £25 more than the standard card, so if you want added cooling ability (and potentially overclocked) without installing an aftermarket HSF yourself, this is a relatively cost effective purchase.


  • Great performance
  • Flashy looks
  • Very Quiet
  • Runs cool
  • Cost effective


  • No factory overclock
  • Non- reference PCB means you won’t be able to use Full water blocks


Last modified: November 25, 2011

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