MSI N560GTX TI Twin Frozr II

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Rundown, Power and Thermals

For the temperature and wattage tests,we hook the PC up to a wattage metre and measure temperatures and power draws at idle and load settings. Furmark is used on max settings with burn mode activated to stress the system. We also utilise the built in GPU temperature monitor for measuring thermals.



Ambient termpeature was 22 degrees C at time of temperature taking.

Idle: 38
Load: 64


Like many cards out there at the moment, this one comes pre-overclocked. While the stock frequency of the 560 TI is 880MHZ on the core and 2100MHZ (effective 4200) on the memory. However, it doesn’t stop there. Pop open MSI afterburner and you can get tweaking. With just a couple of hours of benchmarking and adjusting frequencies, I was able to push this Frozr 560 TI to 1000MHZ on the core and 2200MHZ for the memory clock.

This is a really nice OC and while this was the highest benchmark stable clock I could reach, standard windows stable I was able to go higher, 1050MHZ on the core and 2300MHZ on the memory. So I would imagine with better cooling or perhaps a voltage tweak, you’d be able to go even further. This is one nice card when it comes to overclocking. Perhaps all those high quality components MSI used were worth it afterall?

Results Rundown

Ok so performance wise, this card isn’t a monster. The Zotac GTX 560 Ti is a better card when it comes to the raw numbers, but it’s hardly poor. It slots into the range of cards pretty neatly, trouncing the lower ATI cards and falling behind the GTX 570 and 580 cards.

However, temperature’s are very nice indeed, and the overclocking is certainly strong. This makes it quite an interesting toss up between which card to go for when looking at different GTX 560 TI GPUs.


Now the overclocking and extra cooler do come with a little bit of a price bump. Average is going to be between £180 and £190. The standard 560 TI can be found for £160-£170.

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Last modified: July 4, 2011

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