MSI 8600GT

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Bits and Box

The 8600’s box comes with a large image of some sort of warrior with some heavy armour on and some fancy, flashy text all over the place. The artwork is a bit cluttered and the myriad of fonts is not too appealing, but it does the job of grabbing your attention.

Along with our battle hardened friend is a large assortment of basic features along with a “no fan” picture letting you know that this is a passively cooled card.

MSI 8600GT Box

The back of the box is much better with some nicely laid out multi-lingual features and a small representation of what MSI’s D.O.T software is capable of.

MSI 8600GT Box Rear

Along with the card itself, you get a manual, driver CD with a load of rather old bits of software (Norton Security 2005!?), a few useful MSI applications, a couple of cables and 2 DVI to VGA converters.

MSI 8600GT Bundle

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Last modified: August 15, 2011

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