MSI 8600GT

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What can I say, this card is a brilliant mid-range solution for any gamer on a budget. At just under £100 it undercuts the ATI x1950 Pro in terms of pricing and with a little overclocking beats it in performance in some tests too. Granted this card is not perfect – I really cannot fathom the reasoning behind the leaning cooler- but its performance and its noiseless cooling solution (and DX10 support, I guess) means for for £90 you are getting a damn good deal. For these reasons, this card has earned the value award.

Pros Cons
Good performance Very poor clearance with chipset and memory
Overclocks well Ugly cooler
Passive cooling

XSR Value Award

I’d like to thank MSI for providing us with this GPU.

For those looking to buy this card, you can get them over at QuietPC.

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Last modified: August 15, 2011

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