The HIS 7870 IceQ has shown it’s self as an epic overclocker and also that the 7870 is an excellent platform.

The card ripped through every game test and did well in the benchmarks too.

The IceQ cooler kept the GPU cool and stayed quiet, even while overclocked the auto fan was quiet.

When it comes to aesthetics, if you’re the kind of person with lighting and a window into your case, you will most likely love the look of the card, those heatpipes look pretty flashy.

The supplied bundle was small but what was included was good. Perhaps a game key or some other adaptors might be a nice thing to include.

At £10 more than a reference card, its good value, I would definitely recommend it.


Great performance

Flashy looks

Very Quiet

Runs cool



No factory overclock

Some may not like the looks


XSReviews.co.uk awards the HIS AMD HD7870 IceQ 9/10

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