HIS 6950 IceQ 2GB


The HIS 6950 IceQ has proven itself as not only a strong performer, but as a great overclocker too. This generation of cards also has greatly improved DX11 and Tessellation performance over the last.

The custom cooler does a great job, keeping the card running cool, even while overclocked and isn’t audible over the 1600RPM 120mm fans I also have running in the case.

When it comes to aesthetics, if you’re the kind of person with lighting and a window into your case, you will most likely love the look of the card, those heatpipes look pretty flashy. On top of that, the supplied bundle was pretty standard apart from the Weight lifter and Dirt3 coupon which could be enough to sway your choice.

In regards to pricing, the HIS 6950 IceQ 2GB is currently the cheapest 6950 2GB for sale at £221.99 on Overclockers.co.uk, so I would say that it represents very good value for money.


  • Great performance
  • Flashy looks
  • Very Quiet
  • Runs cool


  • No factory overclock
  • Some may not like the looks
  • Non- reference PCB means you won’t be able to use Full water blocks

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