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A little about Galaxy

Established since 1994, GALAXY Technology is dedicated in the manufacturing and distribution of quality computer components. Head office in Hong Kong and factory located in China, this combination of business structure offers us the very competitive edge. It combines all the advantage of technology vision, technology know-how, and the cost competitiveness of production in China.
Focus and dedication

VGA card manufacturing is our prime business. After years of establishment, business is growing solidly and stably, with quality to be our No.1 priority, our products can meet the most demanding OEM requirement.And we believe in Win-Win, customer’s growth and profitability is our key concern, that is how we establish our strong foot hold from the years of OEM manufacturing with our partners.
Vision to grow

Business growth is enormous, in early 2000, we have taken major step to further expand market by launching our brands of NVIDIA line VGA card – Glacier and Zeus. The encouraging result and feedback from customers has confirmed our strategy to fully explore Glacier and Zues brands and distribution. Growth of business do not stop at computer card manufacturing, in parallel with our long years of exposure in computer field, it gained us extensive networks in Hong Kong, SouthEast Asia, USA, Europe and China.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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