Gainward 8600GT Goes Like Hell

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Once again it’s been shown that the 8600GT is a fantastic budget choice. For under £100 you can get performance which x1900s were hitting around a year ago. This gainward is the second highest overclocking one we have tested, and the highest clocked one at stock frequencies. So if you don’t plan to OC this is one of the fastest 8600GT cards out there. However, if you do choose to, you can still get a hefty overclock as well. The only real price to pay with the Gainward is the loud fan which some will be able to stomach, others maybe not; just bear in mind, it is pretty noisy.

Pros Cons
Highest stock performance of any 8600GT Wide
Overclocks well Loud Fan
Effective cooler



Thanks go to Gainward for providing us with this GPU.


Last modified: August 17, 2011

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Gainward 8600GT Goes Like Hell

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