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3DMark is our go-to benchmark for accessing CPU and graphical performance, with a workload that mimics a 3D videogame. We look at the laptop’s performance both on the integrated graphics (which are weaker, but use less power) and the discrete graphics card (which are stronger, but use more power).

3DMark (latest)Ice StormCloud GateFire Strike
P27K (discrete)58487123722557
P27K (integrated)412895294575
P35K (discrete)86517131542675
P35K (integrated)628137368819
U2442 (discrete)4243044631147
U2442 (integrated)368123955517
Aspire S7341133928548
Aspire V5328413633474

ice storm discretecloud gate discretefire strike discrete

3DMark scores are down across the board compared to the P35K, albeit not to a significant margin. This is likely the result of the use of the Core i7 4700MQ processor here versus the 4700HQ on the P35K and less RAM running in single channel mode as opposed to dual channel. It’s also possible that the P27K has more conservative thermal and noise targets than the P35K, which ran louder and hotter. The difference is greatest in the least demanding benchmark – Ice Storm – and the gap slowly closes as the workload increases. Ultimately, there won’t be much real-world different between the two machines.


Cinebench is a nice cross-platform benchmark that stresses the CPU and GPU. Integrated and discrete graphics results follow.

Cinebench R15OpenGLCPU
P27K (discrete)82.24560 cb*
P27K (integrated)22.32567 cb*
P35K (discrete)82.34636 cb*
P35K (integrated)90.72638 cb*
U2442 (discrete)23.332.33
U2442 (integrated)16.132.59
Aspire S715.882.77
Aspire V514.152.39

cinebench discrete

As expected, the slightly improved CPU of the P35K scores a higher result here, but the difference is negligible for the OpenGL GPU portion. Performance is stronger than earlier generation laptops, again as expected.


CrystalDiskMark is a benchmark that examines disk read and write performance. Here, we’re testing only the SSD – the mechanical hard disk would report significantly worse scores.

CDM 3 ReadSeq512K4K4K QD32
Aspire S7793.1333.022.3193.3
Aspire V5107.235.650.4171.003
CDM 3 WriteSeq512K4K4K QD32
Aspire S7509.8229.270.3961.71
Aspire V5106.750.470.9731.147

a crystaldiskmark


The P27K’s single SSD is faster overall than the single SSDs in the Gigabyte U2442 and the Acer Aspire V5, but falls behind the dual SSD solutions in the Gigabyte P35K and Acer Aspire S7 in the read tests. The write tests are more favourable for the P27;  The LiteOn drive here is paired with a SATA III connection, allowing it to make the most of its speed. A solid drive, definitely comparable with the best on the market today.


GeekBench is another cross-platform benchmark that examines memory and processor performance. This time I’m using version 3 of the benchmark, meaning we only can compare the P27K directly to the P35K.

GeekBench 3.1.3Single-coreMulti-core

geekbench 3


As expected, processor performance is slightly worse than the P35K, due to the similar processors used and the slower RAM found on the P27K.

For interested parties, the GeekBench 2 score was 9157 – placing the P27K behind the P35K once again (10519), but ahead of the other laptops tested – U2442 (6194), Aspire S7 (5820), Aspire V5 (5153).

Metro: Last Light

Metro is a challenging game, both on you and your PC. Its benchmark tool is quite formidable, so let’s take a look at how the P27K performs in an actual game. The settings are Direct X 11 renderer, 1920x1080p, High quality, AF 4X filtering, normal motion blur, no SSAA, DirectX 11 tesselation or PhysX.

metro ll

Here we have slightly worse performance than the P27K – 27 FPS, on average. That’s mostly playable, but you’d probably set the quality to medium instead of high in-game, and get quite decent results.

Company of Heroes 2

Our final benchmark is Company of Heroes 2, a strategy game set in World War II. It’s worth noting that the benchmark is much more stressful than a typical campaign mission or multiplayer match. The test settings are 1080p resolution with no v-sync or anti-aliasing, then medium for the other options.


Here we see very similar performance to the P35K, with an average FPS of 23.03. For comparison, my gaming PC (Core i7 2600k, 2x Radeon 6950 in SLI) gets only 40 FPS on the same settings, so it’s not bad for a laptop and certainly playable in-game.

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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