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Now that you’ve seen pretty much everything noteworthy of the outside of the case we move on to the internals.

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We are looking at a very spacy and good looking interior. Personally I think it’s very important that a quality case has a decent finish on the inside too; Fractal continues it’s black and white theme without restraint.

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In the top left corner we find the pre-fit 140mm exhaust fan as well as the 180mm curved mounted exhaust fan. To the right is the 5.25” bay holder which can hold a 120mm fan.

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Right underneath that is a removable and rotatable HDD tray bay to allow better airflow and HDD positioning. Moving on down are the main HDD trays and the fan providing the necessary airflow to keep your HDD’s cool at any time.

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The PSU chamber has four rubber spikes which are to prevent excessive noise production by resonance.

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In both the PSU and motherboard chamber Fractal placed rubber exits for cable management to make sure the internal of the case is presentable at any time.

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Last modified: February 25, 2012

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