EgoIggo S95X Smart TV Box review

Today we’re looking at the EgoIggo, a Smart TV box that runs Android 6.0. The box is relatively powerful, with a quad-core Cortex A53 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, two USB ports and Micro SD expansion. It also comes with everything you need to make it work: the box itself, power and HDMI cables and a remote. Let’s take a closer look in our rapid review.


The EgoIggo is a simple and squat black box, with a cheerful identifying mark on its roof and little else. The front of the device contains the little IR window that allows the remote to work, so remember to place this somewhere the remote can see it.

On the back, you’ll find most of the ports on offer: 3.5mm or optical audio out, ethernet in, HDMI out and the AC input. There are also two full-size USB ports and a Micro SD card on the next side, allowing you to plug in peripherals or flash storage.

Apart from the ports, the EgoIggo doesn’t have any other distinguishing features. Let’s move onto the testing phase.


The EgoIggo allows full access to the Google Play Store out of the box, so it’s easy to install new apps. I had no trouble downloading apps like Twitch and Kodi.

Most apps aren’t built for remote control input though, so you’ll have to rely on the mouse mode on the remote, or plug in a mouse and keyboard. I caved after an hour with the remote alone, and using the box became way quicker… even if it takes away somewhat from the intended sit-back-and-relax TV experience. Apart from using controls intended for touch, plugging in a keyboard actually makes it possible to sign into apps that you have accounts within a reasonable amount of time, so it may be worthwhile signing into Netflix, Google, Twitch and so on, then returning the keyboard to your computer.

The box runs Android 6, as we mentioned earlier, with a simple boxy UI that allows rapid access to a web browser, Netflix and some other preinstalled apps. 

You can visit the Play Store to install new apps, or install direct from APKs.

It’s possible to adjust the resolution of the TV, turn on HDR support, connect to wireless networks and so forth. You can also access deeper Android settings, as you can see in the gallery below.

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We tested a range of apps on the EgoIggo. Here’s a brief summary of each one:

  • Netflix: Sign in without a keyboard is difficult, but afterwards the app responds well to the remote controls. Netflix appeared to be 720p quality or lower, even with 1080p+ content. However, playback is smooth.

  • Twitch: The app doesn’t work using the directional controls of the remote, so you’ll need to plug in a mouse or use the mouse mode. Streams load quickly, and full 1080p / 60fps streams are fully supported. Given how poorly Twitch interacts with Chromecast, this is a nice niche for the EgoIggo.

  • YouTube: This seems to be an app from Android TV, as it works well with the remote. Qualities up to 1080p worked well; I assume 4K would as well but we don’t currently have a 4K display to test this.
  • MediaCenter: One of the preloaded options, this app can access DNLA media (e.g. videos hosted by a computer or NAS on your local network) and seems to support Apple’s AirPlay as well. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of copying across video files onto a USB and then plugging them into the box, this is a good way to go.
  • Kodi: This famous app must be installed from Google Play, and requires a lengthy install process to access quasi-legal content. Thankfully, accessing legal streams is much easier, and the app works well with the remote provided. It’s even possible to add Twitch as an add-on, making it way easier to access streams with the remote.

  • Mobdro: This app comes preinstalled on the box, and seems to find a random assortment of livestreams on the internet. I tuned into a stream from a helicopter of a car chase in Oklahoma City, complete with candid commentary and discussion from the helicopter’s camera operator – very entertaining. If you’re bored, this is a nice option to have although quality is of course hit or miss and the ads are a bit annoying.

  • Miracast: You can run this app to stream your phone’s screen to your TV. This feature is found on many smart TVs, so it’s a sensible inclusion on a box like this.
  • MoviePlayer: This app played all of the video formats we tested it with, including high definition MKV files. If you’re tired of consoles and smart TVs that don’t play all formats, the EgoIggo could be a nice solution.
  • Chromium: Yup, it’s Chrome Lite! The app loads web pages smoothly, but without a keyboard or mouse you’ll be here for a long time.

Wrapping up

The EgoIggo isn’t without its flaws, but for £40 that’s to be expected. Thankfully, the box’s good range of software options and powerful hardware make for a reasonable multimedia experience. Pair it with a good wireless keyboard and mouse, and you’re onto a winner… or be more selective with your app choices, and the provided remote should be sufficient.

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Thanks for checking out the article, and be sure to let us know what you think of the EgoIggo in the comments below.

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