E-Win Europe Flash Series FLA Ergonomic Office Gaming Chair review

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Our favourite gaming chair vendors have sent out another model for us to review: the Flash Series. As before, this is a highly adjustable chair suitable for gaming or office work, with head and lumbar support cushions, a high backrest and a “racing-style” seat. However, the chair comes with larger three-inch wheels, denser integrated foam and a wider backrest than the Champion Series model we reviewed in April, which could make it a better option.

It’s also more expensive, with a regular price of €349 — although the code NY100 is good for a €100 discount if you buy on New Year’s Day from E-Win’s gaming chairs store. Otherwise, use code XSR for 10% off!

Gaming chairs can be a nice upgrade for anyone that spends a lot of time working or gaming on a PC, but it is worth remembering that these larger chairs do require more space and are less convenient to move around than standard office chairs with lower backs. So how does the Flash Series chair compare? Let’s summarise the major features, then take a closer look at the chair’s design before we get into our results!

Specs & Features
  • Ergonomic adjustable design w/ free headrest and lumbar cushions
  • Patented ‘race car seat’ breathable fabric material
  • Extra high backrest, adjustable from 85° to 155°
  • Special 4D PU soft adjustable arm rests
  • Five-star aluminium base with 3-inch castors
  • RRP £369; use code XSR for an additional 10% off!



The design of the Flash Series is very similar to the Champion Series we looked at earlier and indeed not far away from most gaming chairs on the market – a splash-resistant and breathable cloth material atop integrated foam and an aluminium skeleton.

The backrest is quite high, allowing the head, neck and back to all be supported, while the included lumbar and neck cushions allow more support to be added where necessary.

The Flash Series chair is highly adjustable, with controls for height (42 – 54cm) and tilt (85° to 155°). The armrests can also be adjusted in three dimensions (forward/back, in/out and up/down).

Flash Series vs Champion Series

So what differences do the novel features of the Flash Series make compared to the Champion Series we reviewed in April? First up, the wheels: the larger three inch diameter seems to make the chair a little easier to move through thick carpet, though the original two-inch wheels weren’t particularly difficult to use on carpet either.

The higher density foam also appears to make the chair a little more firm; whether this is more or less comfortable for you will be a matter of preference. The wider backrest was a wash for me – it’s style rather than substance – but it might be appreciated by anyone with particularly broad shoulders.

Finally, the Champion Series chair came with a nice dimpled pattern for the seat and inner backrest that isn’t found on this model; I preferred the dimples but the smooth fabric used throughout on the Flash Series remains easy to clean and quite comfortable.

Overall impressions

The Flash Series is altogether a comfortable chair, thanks to its use of solidly mid-range materials and its wide range of adjustability. The armrests can be folded down (or even removed entirely with a little work) or raised up in a variety of positions, allowing them to be used for your elbows, forearms or not at all according to your preference. You can sleep or relax in the chair by flipping it all the way back, which is nice for listening to podcasts, meditating or sleeping at a LAN party.

As before, the included headrest pillow dug uncomfortably into my upper back so I removed it. For reference, I’m on the tall side at 188cm (six feet, two inches), so the pillow may be better placed for shorter users. However, the lumbar support pillow did its job to perfection, making for a comfortable experience even after hours-long gaming sessions.

The chair does have some other minor drawbacks to be aware of. The smooth material doesn’t allow moisture to wick effectively, so it could become sweaty during the summer months (it’s winter at XSR HQ now); a mesh back like that of the IKEA Markus could therefore be a better choice for warm climates. Also, the chair can tip over when you lean forward (e.g. when you’re picking something up from the floor), likely as a consequence of its ability to fully recline – so be careful.

Wrapping up

The Flash Series chair from E-Win Europe is one of the best gaming chairs we’ve tested, with a comfortable design, strong build quality and a stylish appearance. If you’re looking to upgrade your gaming setup with a chair that wouldn’t look out of place at an esports tournament, this is a fine choice.

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Last modified: January 2, 2019