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The timing of the Lynnfield CPUs, nearly 8 months after the release of the high-end i7 processors, seems an odd choice. However, talking specifically about the i5-750, Intel seems to have created an impressive CPU which could very well take over from the Core 2 Duo’s and give AMD’s latest line of chips a real run for their money.

The pricing issue with the initial Bloomfield CPUs doesn’t seem quite so apparent with the newer i5-750 too, with a rig costing roughly £50 more than say a Q9450 rig. That said upgrading does of course require dual channel DDR3 and a P55 chipset motherboard.

In comparison to the i7-920, the performance gap is certainly evident but there is no great chasm in between. However, the choice is much wider with the more established LGA1366 platform giving a wider selection of motherboards and of course the option of 12GB memory. With the Lynnfield’s you are limited to just 8GB with only the four DIMMS, not that this is a great issue for the “average” user.

The Turbo Boost technology is certainly a plus point with the processor being able to automatically overclock each of its four cores independently to tie in with the CPU utilisation. For out-and-out base clock performance, this technology does hinder it somewhat but it would be unwise to disable this great piece of technology in my opinion.

Looking towards the future, the prices will inevitably drop for the newer LGA1156 platform with making it a much more attractive purchase. All-in-all, the system as it stands isn’t going to work out greatly cheaper than the i7 920.

So overall, the i5-750 seems a very accomplished CPU capable of impressive performance and high overclocking headroom. But, if you’re looking at buying a new CPU right now, the i7 920 still seems the best option.

Pros Cons
Good performance No Hyper-threading
Turbo Boost Technology To fully take over from the C2D’s pricing still needs to drop further
Better efficiency
Better pricing



Thanks go to Asus for providing us with this CPU.

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