Conroe Core 2 Duo E6600



One word, awesome. That’s the only way I can think to describe this processor to you. The performance that you get with this CPU is astounding, destroying my petty benchmarks. With very little effort I was able to overclock it to far faster speeds than the top of the line Conroe processors, and this only on air! Bottom line is, if you want performance that will knock you sideways and overclocks that will make the tuner in all of us stand up and take notice then this is the CPU for you. If you buy the more budget E6300 or E6400 you will be sacrificing not only clock speed but 2mb of level 2 cache. So if you want a processor that will give you the performance of some of the more expensive chips with just a little tweaking this is the one for you.

Relatively economical
Dual Core
Extreme performance

Extreme Overclockability

Low temperatures/Power usage

I’d like to thank our sponsors Chillblast for providing us with the board

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Last modified: February 14, 2011

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