Cover-Up WoodBack review: a beautiful wood iPhone case

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Today we’re going to take a look at the Cover-up WoodBack case. This case uses real wood as a centrepiece, providing a classy look and feel to your phone. We’re looking at the White Ash version for the iPhone 6 Plus, but you can get the same design with different woods and for different iPhone and Android phones too. Let’s get started!



The case comes in a classy cardboard enclosure, which points out that because we’re using real wood, you can expect a totally unique case that’ll stand out from the crowd.


Once out of the box, you can see the full design. We have a laser-cut wood panel on the back, surrounded by a slim polycarbonate case. The wood has been sanded and finished, making it feel smooth in the hand and increasing durability.


The various buttons and features are fully accessible, thanks to cutouts in the case. There’s a large slot for the camera and flash, and smaller sections for each button and port available. The screen is surrounded by a very short bezel on the left and right sides, with the top and bottom remaining unencumbered.


The case is gorgeous, and with 12 varieties of wood to choose from, there should be at least a couple of varieties that catch your eye. The case adds minimal bulk and weight to your iPhone, allowing it to remain slim and light. The WoodBack case also feels great in your hand, thanks to that wooden back panel. You can even knock on wood wherever you are – a real advantage for the superstitious.


In terms of protection, it’s a mixed bag. The back and sides are nicely covered with plastic, preventing them from accruing damage. These sides are also grippier than the standard unclad iPhone 6 Plus, lowering the chance of a fatal drop.


Up front though, there’s no bezel around the screen to take the brunt of a drop, and the top and bottom sections are uncovered (and therefore vulnerable to scratches and drops) too. This is definitely a case that has been designed for style over protection.


The WoodBack case is a strong choice for anyone that appreciates the classic look of natural wood. The case is light and well-fitted, and despite its minimal drop protection it still affords some good scratch protection for the back and sides. All in all, a stylish case that will be appreciated by many.



  • Wood looks good and feels great in your hand
  • Good scratch protection for the sides and rear
  • Buttons, ports and features are fully accessible
  • Minimal bulk and weight added


  • Minimal drop + screen protection





Last modified: May 24, 2015

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