ZEROtherm Hurricane HC92 CU 8800



The Hurricane HC-92 is a relatively effective and versatile cooler. It lets you choose the fan speed with the included fan controller which gives you the option of having a noisy, well cooled GPU, or a silent reasonably well cooled one. It’s let down a bit by cost, as £35 does seem like quite a bit, but you’d pay just as much for a Zalman or Thermalright cooler designed to work on 8800s. If you do buy this cooler, make sure you remove the shroud, because although it looks worse, the temperatures really improve.

Bottom line, it’s a solid product with better cooling and better noise levels than the stock counterpart. You just need to decide if you think the cost is worth shaving off a few degrees from your toasty 8 series card.

Update: This cooler isn’t available yet, but retailers should be stocking it within the next 3 weeks (~6th Nov 07).

Cools wellCooler is quite ugly, especially without the shroud
Included fan controllerTemperature reductions aren’t amazing at low speeds
Funky green heatsinksNoisy at high speeds




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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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