ZEROtherm Hurricane HC92 CU 8800



We have tested several of ZEROtherm’s coolers in the past, with some of their GPU offerings proving to be well worth a buy. Today we have something that’s designed to deal with the 8800 series’ inefficient, noisy, stock cooler; The Hurricane HC92.

About ZEROtherm (Apack)

APACK is a heatpipe technology based thermal solution provider which provides customized designing and engineering solutions and, ultimately, provides best-of breed thermal solutions.

APACK’s design and manufacturing is based upon an engineer’s passion for innovation and progress. APACK was established in 1999 by 3 engineers from ETRI (Electrics and Telecommunications Research Institute) who have 10~17 years experience in thermal solutions and advance packaging technology (packaging referring to the structural and functional integration of multiple technologies). Based in the city of Daejeon (Korean Silicon Valley and high-tech capital), APACK is staffed with top engineers who have extensive experience.

APACK is currently entering into its second phase of business development after accomplishing its first goals of developing a strong R&D core in thermal technology and efficient manufacturing capabilities. Phase one was marked by strong revenues and growth in the OEM and custom solutions market producing for such clients and Samsung, Dell and LG.


ZEROthermn Hurricane HC92 Cu 8800
Dimension 169.7×97.1×54.5 mm (6.7×3.8×2.1 inch)
Weight 372g (without optional component)
Material Base Pure copper
Heat pipe Pure copper
Fin Pure copper
Memory heat sink Aluminium
Fan size 92×25 mm (3.6×0.98 inch) with 3 blue LED’s
Fan speed 1500~3300 RPM
Noise 19.0~40.18 dBA
Bearing type UFO bearing
Rated voltage 5.9~12.0 VDC
Life expectancy 40000 hours
Max air flow rate 0.76~1.63 m3/min (26.79~57.66 CFM)
Connector 2510-3 pin (white) or equivalent
Fan controller
Dimension 32x80x24 mm (1.34×3.15×0.95 inch)
Extension cable length 1000mm (39.37 inch)
Output voltage range 5-11 VDC
Connector 2510-3 pin (white) or equivalent
Compatible VGA cards
Compatible nVidia ATI

Geforce 7600 series
Geforce 7900 series
Geforce 8500 series
Geforce 8600 series
Geforce 8800 series

Radeon X1600 series
Radeon X1800 series
Radeon X1900 series
Radeon X2600 series

Incompatible nVidia Geforce 7800 AGP / 7900 GX2 ATI Radeon X2900 series
Warning Please check the list of compatible VGA card at APACK’s website before installing


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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