Zaward Twin Towers



The Twin Towers has an awful name, but it’s cooling is pretty good. It manages to wipe the floor with the stock chipset heatsink, although there are mounting issues that’ll prevent you from being able to use this cooler with the stock CPU HSF.

While it does lower temperatures, you have to wonder about the long-term viability of such a cooler. Considering as the board manages to survive with the small, passive stock heatsink, the Twin Towers seems overkill. Granted you can squeeze a slightly higher overclock out of it, it doesn’t seem to offer any real benefit.

That’s not to say that it can’t cool, but the mounting issues and the conflict with even the stock AMD heatsink are cause for concern. You won’t be able to use this with a standard enthusiast board thanks to stock all-in-one style cooling so you are stuck using it with a lower-end motherboard that inherently won’t be an overclockers dream. It’s like putting a turbo on a milk float, while it works, you aren’t going to see a dramatic improvement in performance as a result.

Pros Cons
Works better than stock Limited future use
Silent Incompatible with most motherboards
Clumsy mounting system



Thanks go to QuietPC for providing us with the chipset cooler.


Last modified: February 15, 2011

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