Xthermal BTF120PRO LED


The Xthermal BTF120PRO LED Fan

The frame of the fan is made from clear plastic whilst the blades are translucent black plastic with very pointed tips. Situated at the centre of the fan is a black sticker with the Xthermal logo. It seems the centre of the BTF120PRO is much more rounded than ordinary fans. This gives it a look of quality and shows Xthermal have paid close attention in designing this product.

At the corners of the fan’s frame are White LED’s – four of them in total. These help to create a subtle glow whilst the fan is spinning. This is most likely to appeal to the gamer or PC modder.

Powering the fan and LED’s is a single 3-pin connector. This is the obvious choice for most as it allows you to just plug the fan into your motherboard instead of routing hideous Molex connectors about. However, a 3-pin to Molex adapter is also included just in case you don’t have an available 3-pin connector on your motherboard.

Unlike most fans, the cabling on the BTF120PRO is sleeved in clear shiny plastic. Not only does this look good, but it should also stop the cable from being sliced should it wander into the raging fan blades. Fortunately for cable management enthusiasts, the cabling on the Xthermal is a whopping 30cm long, so plentiful for routing about your case. Those without space to tuck this away though, could find that it takes up more room than they’d like.


As this product includes anti-vibration pegs instead of screws, the installation is fully tool-less. Unfortunately the pegs included are the type where you have to install the pegs to your case first. These normally are a bit of pain when installing and can often be fiddly. However, Xthermal’s have much longer pegs than most so are much easier to position through the fans screw holes.

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Once secured the BTF120PRO was comfortably seated with no wobble at all.

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All which was now needed was to connect it up to an available 3-pin adapter.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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