Xthermal BTF120PRO LED

Xthermal BTF120PRO LED


When buying a fan, there are two main factors which we look for: Performance and Silence. Normally though, a quiet fan isn’t so good in the performance department due to a lower RPM and thus less airflow. However, today we have a fan which strives to offer both these factors. Introducing the Xthermal BTF120PRO LED.


  • Ultra quiet and long lasting operation with a unique design.
  • Adapter to reduce noise level to only 9dB/A!
  • A set of Anti-Vibrations bolts which stop vibrations very effectively.
  • PXB bearing is based on sleeve bearing. Enhanced lubricant provides smooth operation and specially designed electronics reduce electromagnetic noises.
  • Transparent frame combined with black translucent rotor makes fan look modern and elegant.



  • Fan Dimension: 120x120x25mm
  • Noise: 9 dB/A (with adaptor)
  • Noise: 13 dB/A (w/o adaptor)
  • Rotation speed: 750 RPM. (with adaptor) ± 10%
  • Rotation speed: 1200 RPM (w/o adaptor) ± 10%
  • Air Flow: max. 38 CFM
  • Bearing type: PXB sleeve
  • Input power: 0.96W
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Voltage range: 5~12V
  • Connector: 3/ 4 pin Molex


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