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Besides standard passive- and air cooling there is also the enthusiast water cooling section in the computer industry. As a matter of fact, water is used by people who want a silent PC, a more chilled PC and even a more stylish PC.

Recently XSPC released their new cooling block, the XSPC RASA. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a prototype model and wanted to test and review it right away… With our apoligies to you and XSPC we are a little late with releasing this review but can assure you it was worth the wait. Ladies and gentlemen, I present: The XSPC RASA CPU cooler block!

What does XSPC say about the RASA block?

“High Performance and Easy Installation”

That’s all folks! In comparison to other companies who write a complete biography about every detail of their product in marketing slang, XSPC just tells you what the deal is.

Furthermore you will find that XSPC offers multiple quality products, ranging from all kinds of PC blocks (CPU, GPU, Chipset) to XBOX watercooling.


  • Designed for Multi Core CPU’s
  • High Performance Copper Base 50x50x4mm
  • With Over 1200 Copper Pins
  • Pins Precision Cut to 0.25mm
  • CNC Cut Acetal Top
  • G1/4″ Threads
  • Compatible with Most Compression Fittings
  • Supports Sockets LGA775, 1156 and 1366

3 responses to “XSPC Rasa Waterblock”

  1. First a warning, in case you do not like reading. Do not buy products which carry the XSPC brand. The build quality is really, really bad (= mass production in China) and their support is abysmal!

    Since I don’t have much experience with watercooling, I decided to purchase a complete set in May 2011; the XSPC Rasa 750 RX360 Watercooling Kit for a little over 240 Euro. I installed it a few weeks later (I wanted to do it correctly and take the time for it). It was pretty easy to install, though the manual was not very detailed.

    Everythin was running okay, until past week. I was playing Mass Effect 3 and suddenly my PC crashed (which was normally rock-solid). Okay, these things can happen and I didn’t think there would be any kind of problem with the watercooling kit. However I noticed the sidepanel was pretty warm / hot. So I decided to remove it. After removing the sidepanel I really noticed how hot the inside of my PC had became! The tubing were so warm they could be bend (or squeezed) in any direction, while they were very stiff.

    Anyways, after further investigation (and letting my PC cool of; couldn’t even touch anything near the CPU area) I discoveren the watercooling pump of the XSPC Rasa 750 RX360 WaterCooling Kit had completely died.

    Doing some more research I found out a lot of people were having the same issues with this product. For your information the included pump is permantly fixed within the reservoir. So not only did I lose the pump, I also lost the reservoir. This cannot be fixed.

    I calculated the pump didn’t do more than 3000 hours (and that’s a rough estimate and I even think it did even less hours). Apparently XSPC figured out this problem as well, because they quickly created a new version of this pump/reservoir and put it on the market, after seeing more people having the same problem (= pump dying).

    XSPC really tricks buyers in thinking that they are buying a high quality product, but in the real world, this is not true (at all). For example; the pump does not have a MTBF. While A-brand pumps do have a MTBF (> 50.000 hours).

    Pumps should not die this quickly (less than 3000 hours online). Especially considering that I paid a little over 240 Euro, I am pretty disappointed in the product, but still these things can happen and are normally solved (at least with respectable companies). However, after contacting XSPC about this and giving them as many information and details as possible the only response I got back was “Sorry, that our warranty is 1 year.”

    So this means, a pump which dies within only 3000 hours of (active) use (and probably was way less), does not get replaced. Very funny. Especially considering XSPC acknowledged the problems with this pump, by releasing a new version of this pump/reservoir shortly after I purchased it.

    The past few days I have reading reviews on XSPC, their products and their so-called support, but I can only wish I had done this before, because now it seems they really like to screw over customers and don’t give a damn about support.

    So please be warned; if you are looking for mediocre or bad products which are overpriced, than buy XSPC, otherwise spend it on better and more reliable products.

    I got ripped off and I hope this warning will help others to make the right decision.

    Conclusion; nice looking product, which stops working after a short period of time and support? Nah, you are on your own. Typically for mass produced products from China with no quality control.

  2. I have this same block cooling my (ancient) AMD Phenom 9950; though with my room being at approx. 22 degrees Celsius, my idle temps are around 21 – 23 degrees.

    The main gripe I have with the AMD setup; is that XSPC does not include an AMD back plate, they are about the only company that does not include (nor is one found on their website) some sort of back plate for an AMD CPU block.

    1. Even though the block provides excellent performance for its price, it’s indeed a bit of a letdown there is no back plate.
      This is also why I specifically warned not to force pressure on the individual screws because there is no clear limit and no pressure spread.

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