Vizo Orbiter



Vizo Orbiter Results

As you can see, the Orbiter drops the load and idle temperatures across the board with a maximum difference of 9 degrees between with and without, registered on the temperature probe at load.


The Orbiter has a relatively quiet fan, it even approaches mulnaz status. However, due to the use of sleeve bearings instead of ball bearings the fan vibrates quite heavily while in operation. The noise generated from this isn’t noticeable till up close but if your case isn’t well insulated against vibration you could find this rattling around a bit if not secured tightly. You can see evidence of the use of sleeve bearings as when the fan is turned off it stops very suddenly.


The Orbiter shouldn’t see anyone too out of pocket, as it only costs around 6-7 pounds per unit.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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