Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme



It’s difficult to place this cooler; on the one hand the performance was in the middle of the pack and able to compete with some big names in the industry but it’s not exactly going to push the boundaries and challenge the Cooler Master’s and Noctua’s.

It is however very good noise wise and much more acceptable in comparison to many of the high end designs which tend to utilise powerful and noisy fans.
The price tag sort of reflects the performance with it being expensive but not overly so at the price range many of the bigger names demand.

All-in-all it’s a good cooler but nothing very special: instal
ation is relatively simple, there’s reasonable performance to be had and the noise levels aren’t bad; ultimately the word “average” springs to mind. It’s like many other coolers on the market, very good but not really with any qualities to set it apart from the crowd, apart from its near silence.

It has to be said: there are better coolers to be had at this price, but not many as quiet as this.

Pros Cons
Reasonable performancePerformance not able to challenge the best coolers
Quite quietPrice
Build quality



Thanks go to Tuniq for providing us with this cooler.

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Last modified: February 15, 2011

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